Pirates of Antigua

Antigua always mustered up thoughts of unspoilt jungle mountains dropping into azure blue warm sea, pirates, rum, all that jazz. Maybe it’s just that my fella plays too much Assassins Creed and I’d got the wrong idea… actually no, Antigua does feel a bit like that. It’s stunningly beautiful and just ‘feels’ mystical. Totally different to Barbados, a lot more wild and green. I absolutely loved it. Met some rad people, trekked up big hills, ate great food, had smoothies to die for, and on the last day found my own tiny little private beach to chill out on all day on my own just listening to music and dipping in the warm ocean when I felt like it. Stunning. Sitting in that bay I really did feel like a pirate ship was gonna come in at any moment. And the skullduggery rum is to die for 💀😜 last trip before Christmas Day, and what a beautiful Christmas we had surrounded by some of the people I love the most xxx can’t wait to revisit mystical Antigua, really fell for it hard. Some woman on the beach was making those shell decorations (see below) and pretty much forced me into buying one. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s cursed. Giving it to my best mate for Christmas ❤️


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