The Big Apple

Finally, finally I got my dream of visiting New York City. And just before Christmas! On the flight over there I was smiling like a dick head, literally my face was hurting. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. My first view of the most famous skyline in the world lit up at night as we drove over the hill brought tears to my eyes. I love to travel so so much. It’s the only place I’ve ever been that is EXACTLY how you’d imagined it to be. It feels the same, looks the same, just mind blowing. 

I was lucky enough to be with my friend Falko from training on this trip and the rest of the crew were ace too. We get on so well it was great to experience this with such a good friend. We’d been singing ‘New York. New York’ for days and doing the dance. We hit the road within half an hour of landing. Our hotel is beautiful and right in the centre of Manhattan. Coats and scarfs on, straight to the Rockefeller Christmas tree. I actually felt like Kevin in Home Alone running around with my wooly hat on. 

Then there was the bit we’d all been craving.. the top of the rock for a kick ass Manhattan cocktail overlooking the whole city. We got up there and suddenly I felt like I was in ‘Sex in the City’ the big band music, the cocktails, the accents, THE VIEW! I don’t even like to drink bourbon but there was something about the atmosphere that made it taste incredible. And just as we walked out onto the open part of the rooftop overlooking the whole skyline.. it started to snow. If there’s one word I’d use to sum up NYC it’s ‘magic’. And I felt truly alive.

The next day me, Falko and two hilarious Irish lads from the crew Mikey (what a great big character) and Ciaran wandered into Central Park, like excited kids happily singing to eachother Fairytale of New York. One of my favourite songs. We had breakfast at this amazing organic cafe where you make your own hot chocolate and there’s avocado everythung, my heaven. Then we went buzzing around Times Square. Too touristy for me. We found these guys with a stand in the middle, you had to write your wishes onto confetti that would all be dropped over the city at midnight on New Years Eve. Such a romantic idea, reminded me how lovely humans actually can be. I wonder if anyone read my wish ❤️ then on to the Empire State Building. The sun shone all day it was ace. Still buzzing now from this trip 🙂 memories that will last a lifetime. My wonderful boyfriend is a top class bartender and made me a perfect Manhattan when I got home. It was exactly the same as the ones in NYC but just didn’t ‘taste’ the same out of NYC, if you know what I mean.

“They’ve got cars big as bars, they’ve got rivers of gold. But the wind goes straight through you it’s no place for the old”


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