New starts

I started my training with British Airways (the practical bits… the online stuff had already been going on forever) in September 2016. I’ve never been so terrified for anything as I was that first day. I had moved house literally the day before so felt like a damn rabbit in headlights and an already exhausted one at that. I’ll cut a long and crazy story short but the training was brutal! All 20 of us had to devote ourselves 100% for that 5 weeks every. single. day. There was intensive medical and lifesaving training, fire drills, wet drills, slide drills, screaming door drills, evacuation drills. Customer service role play with difficult actors, Drills drills drills. Exams exams exams. Constant nerves. Not for the faint hearted. Tears, tantrums, no sleep, but unreal banter, love, laughs, wild nights, hotel raves, nicknames, madinna tribute acts, hysteria OGGY OGGY OGGY! And beautiful life long friendships made. I’m a stronger, changed person because of all this and I’m very thankful, even if it is testing sometimes. Our group were the best I could have asked for and Ill look back on it with incredible memories for life, an experience not many get to have 🙂 our wings ceremony after all that stress was so emotional. And hell did we party that night!

People are so wrong about the role of cabin crew. We are paramedics, councillors, police officers, mediators, child minders, fire fighters, aircraft experts, and responsible for your safety, maybe even saving your life while 39,000ft in the air. The exams were intensive, tough and we had to pass everything with very high marks to make the final cut. We bloody did it guys! So proud X


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