I have never personally fancied the Caribbean. I don’t like the food, I’d assumed it was lacking culture with all of the big resorts and big bucks holiday makers. Had I not travelled here with work I would never have come to Barbados in my life. How wrong was I? I’m now on my 4th trip here and completely in love with it. The people have the sunshine in their heart, so much soul. The water is crystal clear and warm as a bath, the food is to die for (macaroni pie and sweet potato everything. Yesss) the weather is beautiful and the history is fascinating. I’ve had trips here with my amazing training buddies Maïtena, Liesl and Falko, each time a totally different experience. Barbados was my first trip, and after a tough flight I remember getting into my room fit for a queen and dancing around like an excited kid. Epic feeling. Wandering around Bridgetown all the colourful local houses, markets and awesome food stops, visiting the Mount Gay Rum factory and swimming in that beautiful ocean have all been highlights. It’s just a great ‘feeling’ place if you know what I mean.


  • Don’t drink the rum punch. You’ll nearly die.
  • Do eat the local street food in Bridgetown


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