So I promised my family and friends I would make an adventure blog for them to follow when I moved away and life got extra wild last year, I’m gonna have to backdate posts big time but finally as promised, here I am 🙂 

An Air Hostess for British Airways, full time Adventurer. Office at 39,000ft. Living in Brighton, England. I had a great life in Oxfordshire, lovely office job for 6 years and living in a beautiful village but the inner voice just kept telling me “Holly man, quit work and travel the world”. So here I am. The whole world is there for people who dare.

Devoted heart, Over thinker, child like sense of wonder, Life long globe trekker, lover of the small things. Cat adorer, Music player and lover, Spreader of random acts of kindness, Untameable, Party lover, Hedonist, Vegetarian animal rights activist, Foodie, Stargazer, Sunset/Sunrise chaser. Totally uninterested in having any negative impact on human beings, animals or the planet. Basically an old hippy. Peace ❤️


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